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Women of Impact

Women of Impact

Celebrate and give back with Women of Impact 2022. For every purchase made from this collection, proceeds will be donated to one of three organizations supporting girls in technology and business around the globe! Please see below for more information on these charities for each region. 

  1. WOI Longsleeve T-Shirt (Women's)
    WOI Longsleeve T-Shirt (Women's)
    As low as AU$57.99
  2. Smart is Chic Hoodie (Women's)
    Smart is Chic Hoodie (Women's)
    As low as AU$106.99
  3. Smart is Chic Crew (Women's)
    Smart is Chic Crew (Women's)
    As low as AU$76.99
  4. Women of Cisco Silhouette V-Neck T-Shirt (Women's)
    Women of Cisco Silhouette V-Neck T-Shirt (Women's)
    As low as AU$37.99
  5. Women of Cisco Silhouette Hoodie (Women's)
    Women of Cisco Silhouette Hoodie (Women's)
    As low as AU$82.99
  6. Women of Cisco Community Hoodie (Unisex)
    Women of Cisco Community Hoodie (Unisex)
    As low as AU$68.99

AMER, Rising Worldwide on BrightFunds
Rising International's mission is to provide entrepreneurial paths to self-sufficiency that enable women in the U.S and women across the world to lift each other out of systems of oppression and poverty.

APJC, on BrightFunds is a nonprofit dedicated to expanding access to computer science in schools and increasing participation by young women and students from other underrepresented groups. Our vision is that every student in every school has the opportunity to learn computer science as part of their core K-12 education.

EMEAR, Règles Elémentaires on BrightFunds
First French association for the fight against menstrual precariousness, Elementary Rules collects periodic protections for the most deprived and breaks the taboo of menstruation. Together, we can change the rules! Basic Rules is an association law 1901 which collects products of intimate hygiene for the homeless women or in situation of badly housed in order to help them to protect themselves and to find their dignity. We want to educate all audiences and break the taboo of the rules, in particular by involving boys!

Thank you for your contribution and the impact you’re making in the world. 

Shipping of this merchandise will be from Texas (US), the UK (EMEA), and Australia (APJC) due to our warehouse locations.