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WISE Women in Science and Engineering

For every purchase made from this collection, proceeds will be donated to the four organizations supporting girls in STEM around the globe! Please see below for more information on these charities.

  1. WISE Community Zip Hoodie White Heather (Unisex)
    WISE Community Zip Hoodie White Heather (Unisex)
    As low as AU$64.99
  2. WISE Community Long Sleeve T-Shirt White Heather (Unisex)
    WISE Community Long Sleeve T-Shirt White Heather (Unisex)
    As low as AU$57.99
  3. WISE Community T-Shirt White Heather (Unisex)
    WISE Community T-Shirt White Heather (Unisex)
    As low as AU$30.99

Techbridge Girls excites, educates, and equips girls* from low-income communities by delivering high-quality STEM programming that empowers a girl to achieve economic mobility and better life chances. *Including cis girls, trans youth, gender non-conforming and/or non-binary youth who experience(d) girlhood as a part of their journey.

Girlstart's mission is to increase girls' interest and engagement in STEM through innovative, nationally recognized informal STEM education programs. By empowering more girls to continue STEM studies, we can help address our nation's STEM workforce inequities and impact innovation and economic development in America and across the globe. 

Enseña por México is a non-profit organization which is committed to solving one of the country's main problems: educational inequality. They form a network of leaders, agents of change, called Profesionales de Enseña por México (PEM), to collaborate with students from early childhood to high school. Promoting systemic change through the intervention of PEMs in vulnerable educational contexts, convinced that small changes in the classroom can lead to a collective transformation.

Greenlight for Girls is an international established non-profit organization, with our international headquarters in Brussels, Belgium and offices in the US. We are still fueled by passion for instilling confidence in girls, and wish to share the fun of science in all its forms!