Cisco DNA Spaces and the Cisco Store: Innovative Possibilities

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Cisco DNA Spaces uses location analytics to provide real-time insights and visibility into the physical spaces of stores. The Cisco Store has deployed Cisco DNA spaces for a variety of different innovations, from understanding and analyzing behaviors of customers in-store to acquiring and engaging with new customers through captive portals.


Cisco DNA Spaces and the Cisco Store: Innovative Possibilities

In our fast-paced world, people are looking to retailers to deploy solutions that provide convenience, such as the ability to order products online and pick them up in store. On this episode of Tech Tuesday, our Tech Expert Brian will demonstrate to the audience how we could use Cisco DNA Spaces, with the help of Cisco Vision to create a seamless click and collect experience for our customers in the Cisco Store.


Brian Tech Tuesday 5

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To begin, because he is a previous customer of the Cisco Store, when entering the store Brian’s personal device will automatically connect to the store network. This allows Cisco DNA Spaces, with Cisco Vision, to populate a personalized screen welcoming Brian to the store, and asking if he is there for an order pick-up. Brian will also be prompted with this question on his device, where he can respond to let DNA Spaces know that yes, he is there to pick up an order. The signage will then change to instruct Brian to head straight back in the store to retrieve his order.

As Brian makes his way to the back of the store, DNA Spaces will detect his device and location once again and populate another personalized screen through Cisco Vision. This screen will indicate the specific cabinet that has been unlocked and contains his Cisco Store order. Finally, Brian will open the designated cabinet and retrieve his package that was ready and waiting for him! 


Tech Tuesday Brain 2


With DNA Spaces, as Brian demonstrates, we have the potential to create experiences such as Click and Collect at the Cisco Store to deliver engaging and relevant content to customers, that will ultimately increase customer loyalty and the frequency of customer visits to the store. Learn more about the capabilities of Cisco DNA Spaces here


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