Social Media Engagement with Smiirl

Cisco Store Smiirl

Dive into the world of social media engagement on this week’s episode of Tech Tuesday, featuring the Smiirl social media counter! Our Tech expert Brian Domine, will show the audience how we use our Smiirl to increase engagement with customers at the Cisco Store.

Social Media Engagement with Smiirl

The Smiirl, located at checkout in the Cisco Store, displays our Instagram followers (although it can also be used to display Twitter and Facebook followers too!) The Smiirl counter is constantly updating in real time with new followers. As customers wait in line at the store, they can view the numbers changing and get excited about interacting with the Cisco Store on Instagram. Since deploying our Smiirl in the Cisco Store in San Jose, our Instagram audience has increased by 10%!


Tech Tuesday 4

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We use the Smiirl at the Cisco Store to grow our fan base, increase engagement with our Instagram account, and improve customer loyalty. The Smiirl featured on this episode of Tech Tuesday resides in our San Jose store, but we also have a Smiirl that we take on the road with us to travel stores such as Cisco Live and Cisco IMPACT. Having a Smiirl on display in store and at events allows us to convert our physical customers to social media followers.



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Tech Tuesday's with the Cisco Store

The Connected Cisco Store has become a place for employees, customers and partners to see Cisco technology come to life in a real, functioning retail environment. With our Tech Tuesday series, we are bringing this store experience to our audience at home on the Cisco Store Instagram. Virtual tours, led by Cisco Store tech expert Brian Domine, showcase a new technology each episode from the Connected Store at Cisco’s headquarters in San Jose, California.


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