Season's Greetings with Card Isle

Card Isle

Card Isle is on a mission to empower valuable communication, and at the Connected Cisco Store we can do just that with our custom greeting card Card Isle kiosk. On this episode of Tech Tuesday, our tech expert Brian Domine will demonstrate to viewers how visitors at the Cisco Store can create custom cards, personalized with unique Cisco designs and greetings.

At the kiosk, Brian will walk the audience through the step by step, quick and easy process of creating a custom greeting card with personalization all along the way. First, he’ll choose his favorite holiday Cisco design, created exclusively by the Hatch, Cisco’s in house creative agency. He chooses his favorite Candy Cane design to get in the holiday spirit! Then, he’ll personalize his card further by writing his own text within the card. However, if he needed some ideas, or was in a rush, Card Isle will also suggest pre-populated greeting card text as well. In addition to the holiday themed cards displayed in this episode, we also have greeting cards for various holidays, including congratulations, happy birthday, and many more. In a matter of minutes, Brian prints his personalized card from the kiosk, and is ready to wish the audience a sweet Tech Tuesday from the Connected Cisco Store!

Card isle

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With the Card Isle at the Connected Cisco Store, we are able to enable visitors to create meaningful connections with Cisco employees and partners with a fun set of Cisco branded card designs in just one click. We can support and elevate the Cisco Connected Recognition program by recognizing employee's accomplishments in a more personal way with customized congratulatory cards. Finally, we can empower the Cisco sales force with memorable customer follow-up with custom, Cisco branded thank you card designs. Learn more about Card Isle here.

Card isle

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