People Counting at the Cisco Store with Dor

Cisco Store Entrance

People counting helps retailers gain valuable insights about their customers and business. On this week’s episode of Tech Tuesday, we’re taking a look into how we use Dor Technologies infrared people counters to grow our business at the Cisco Store.

Dor Technologies people counters are the world’s first thermal-sensing, battery operated people counters. Brian, our Tech Expert, will begin this week’s episode by showing off the three sensors we have at the entrance of the store. These sensors allow us to track traffic coming in and out of the store throughout the day. They also have the ability to tie in outside weather data, which allows us to gain insights into conditions that bring more or less people to the store. Additionally, our Dor sensors also connect to Square, our point-of-sale system. By tracking the number of people in the store along with sales data, we are able to calculate valuable measures like average basket size for customers at the store.

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On this episode, Brian will also give an inside look into the dashboards that we use to collect the Dor data. Counting foot traffic can also help us understand peak shopping hours for our customers, so we can make smarter staffing decisions throughout the day. With people counting, we can also learn more about the effectiveness of marketing displays in the store, and track conversions of people making purchases. Learn more about the capabilities of Dor here.


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