Meet the Cisco Store Tech Lab at Cisco Live 2021!

Cisco Store Tech Lab

We are so excited to introduce the Cisco Store Tech Lab in parallel with our first ever virtual booth experience in the World of Solutions! Attendees that visit the Cisco Store virtual booth will have the opportunity to see the Cisco + Partner ecosystem at work, demonstrated by our Cisco Store Tech Expert, Brian Domine. Below, we’re giving attendees a sneak peek at some of the technologies we’ll be overviewing at Cisco Live 2021!



Augmented Reality

Cisco Store Xplorer application

We’re giving Cisco Live attendees an inside look into our brand-new application: Cisco Store Xplorer! Cisco Store Xplorer is an augmented reality application empowering every user to learn about and engage with Cisco and partner technology. Through the lens of a mobile device, hotspots reveal in store technology which can be further explored at the touch of a screen. Xplorer will be available in the app store upon return to office.

Contactless Solutions

Click and collect in store or curbside

Click and collection is a solution that has become very important over the last year. At the Cisco Store, we have the ability to create our own click and collect solution with the help of Meraki vehicle detection, Everyangle, Cisco DNA spaces and Cisco Vision, integrated with our Square point of sale system and Magento e-commerce platform. Attendees at Cisco Live will watch Brian demonstrate how he can pull up to the designated Cisco Store parking spcae at the San Jose store and be helped by a sales associate curbside.

Automated Solutions

RFID Technologies Powered by Keonn

Automated solutions are made easy at the Cisco Store with the help of our technology partner, Keonn! With Keonn, we have been able to create our smart fitting room, giving customers a smart and easy try-on experience. We have also been able to deploy our autonomous inventory Robot, Robin! With the help of Robin, we can autonomously count inventory throughout the store, avoiding human error and freeing up sales associate's time.

Featured Cisco Technologies

Ecosystem technology by Cisco

Throughout our virtual booth, Cisco Live attendees will learn about various ecosystem technologies, including Meraki smart cameras, sensors, and network, plus Cisco DNA spaces and Cisco Vision, and the Webex board.

Partner Technologies

Partner technologies help make the Cisco Store Tech Lab come to life! Those partners highlighted in our virtual booth at Cisco live will include: Everyangle, Keonn, Fankave, Smiirl, Square, Magento, Lumoplay, Card Isle, Opal and Dor.

While the Cisco Store has offered insight into our technology stack in years prior, going forward our Tech Lab will continue to grow as a space to test, deploy, and evaluate Cisco and partner technology in a real life, real time setting. We make it real! Join us at Cisco Live Global 2021 to learn more. Register here! Learn everything you need to know about the Cisco Store at Cisco Live 2021 here.


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