Engaging Customers in the Fitting Room

Using Flic button in the fitting room

It is essential to engage customers when they are in physical stores or spaces in new, exciting ways. In our continuous quest to do so, we've recently leveraged Cisco Vision with Flic, a button solution, to allow customers to engage with Cisco technology. On this week’s episode of Tech Tuesday, our Tech Expert Brian Domine will demonstrate how we allow customers to uncover special promotions during their shopping experience.



As the customer brings their items into the fitting room to gather more information about the product fit as they are evalutating their purchasing decision, they will use the mirror to check the fit of their selections. The button is strategically placed next to the mirror with a clear call to action as well as signage to details what the CTA will reveal. Upon pressing the Flic button, the mirror, connected to Cisco Vision, changes over to display the 'Deal of the day' signage; thus further encouraging the customer to make their purchase. Not only is this a new, fun way for the customer to engage with technology at the store but it also allows the store to put a new twist on a 'mirror' and to assimilate this tool into the technology strategy. The opportunities are endless whether you want to make customers aware of new arrivals in store or of a company's new initiatives. Learn more about the benefits of using the Flic here.


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Tech Tuesday's with the Cisco Store

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