Enabling Hybrid Work with My Stylist at the Cisco Store

At the Cisco Store, it is a top priority to get our employees, customers, and partners to experience the new and exciting technology we have to offer from anywhere! With that being said, on this week’s episode of Tech Tuesday: Hybrid Work Edition, our Tech Expert, Brian Domine, will demonstrate how we enable our customers to speak to an at home stylist from any store location!

As the customer approaches the Webex board located in our RTP Store, they will call “My Stylist” in order to receive input on their desired look and how they can find it while shopping. The Stylist is located remotely but picks up the call promptly to assist the customer. The Stylist is then able to build a connection and understand the customer’s needs from miles away! Then a similar experience is replicated with the same stylist but in our San Jose location to truly demonstrate how this exciting technology elevates the store’s customer service capabilities from anywhere. Whether you want to help customers with purchase decisions or truly understand their wants and needs, My Stylist Webex calls are the answer.


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The Cisco Store Tech Lab has become a place for employees, customers and partners, whether in office or from the comfort of their own home, to see Cisco technology come to life in a real, functioning retail environment. With our Tech Tuesday: Hybrid Work Edition series, we are bringing this store experience to our audience at home on the Cisco Store on Instagram and YouTube. Virtual tours, led by Cisco Store tech expert, Brian Domine, showcase a new technology each episode from the Tech Lab at Cisco’s headquarters in San Jose, California.


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